1. Poster should be prepared as one-piece with 50 x 70 cm dimensions. Poster owners will print posters on their own and during the time specified they will be present near their posters to give information to participants about their works.
2. On the top left corner of the poster there will be congress logo where on the top right corner (in the part for institution logo) there will be logo of the institution (university, research institute, general directorate etc.) who prepared the poster presentation.
3. Abstracts of the poster presentations should be written in English and Turkish.
4. To ease and fasten the process of delivery, acceptance, assessment and announcement of results for abstracts of poster presentations, only presentations sent via internet will be taken into consideration. Abstracts sent via fax and mail are not going to be taken into consideration.
5. It is required that at least one of the authors completed a registration for abstracts of poster presentations to be accepted and published in the congress book.
6. Poster heading should be written in the area under the congress name on the top banner and underneath names of authors of poster presentations should be written without titles, the name of author who will present the poster should be underlined.
7. Institutions of authors may be mentioned under the names or as footnotes at the bottom of the poster.
8. Posters should be prepared with Times New Roman font and as it is on the paper full text; there should be chapters like ABSTRACT (Turkish and English), Keywords, 1. INTRODUCTION, 2. MATERIALS AND METHOD, 3. RESULTS and DISCUSSION, REFERENCES. Font size, resolution and size of photographs and graphics in this part and all the scientific content to be placed in the white area is up to authors’ choices.