The expressions, green and capital, are known as a range of values befitting human, civilization, social life and esthetic attitude and warning humanity. These deep and lofty values will be dealt with in the “International Green Capitals Congress” organized by Metropolitan Municipality in Konya, a center of history, culture, esthetics, art and green, with its progress in recent years.

        Esthetic, technical and social subjects, which have deep meanings for the clean future of the world and healthy life of humankind, will be the main themes of this congress. Bringing people of science and experience together, having them discuss upon this theme and then moving forward to the further congresses with a platform to be constituted by participants’ common consent are aimed.

        The cities that are going to be presented within this conference are the green cities which used to be or still are the capital cities.

        Konya, as a special center holding the weight of these values, has drew attention in the international arena with its transformation and development in the recent years. Having been the capital of the Anatolian Seljuk Empire for many years, with the current population of more than 2 million people, its historical and cultural values, aesthetic breakthrough, orderly urbanization, robust transportation facilities, investments for clean environment, high ratio of green fields, leading agricultural and industrial opportunities as well its sole tranquility, Konya is a livable world city.

        Determined to sustain these values, Konya with its contribution to social and cultural life is a leading center with its air quality, natural habitat, recreation areas, and renewable energy practices by developing consistently through the policies over years.

        During the congress that we are going to host between 8-12 May 2018, green-ecological developments in Turkey and outside world will be mutually discussed besides keeping the values, composing green tone of Konya and the city’s life quality, on the agenda. Thus, a comprehensive city vision for the future is going to be created by drawing a frame for livable cities with universal values and a projection of decades.

        In this context, we expect large and small capital representatives who have proven themselves with esthetic and sustainable values and people of science, experience and application who have had studies on green cities, to present their universal green cities outputs

Mayor of Konya Metropolitan Municipality