Below points should be taken into consideration related with paper abstract and full text writing.
• An author can participate to the congress with a maximum of 2 works.
• In the congress presentations can be made in Turkish or English.
Full text of the papers, provided that they are presented, will be published on the congress website. Besides, all abstract and full text submission should be made online via website. Acceptance status of the received papers can be followed on the website.
Paper Abstract Writing Rules
• Abstract text submission should be made in the language same with paper presentation. (Turkish or English)
• Paper abstract chapter should be limited to 600 words (including references).
• Turkish and English keywords of the paper should be written in maximum 5 words.
• In the abstract, expression of open research results and clarity of concept subject to the study and general framework should be handled with utmost care.
Full Text Paper Writing Rules
• In papers written in both Turkish and English, there should be only English abstract. There is no need for Turkish abstract.
• English abstracts in full texts should be written with 9 points and limited to 400 words.
• Paper text should be prepared with MS Office Word 2010 and upgraded versions in the .docx format. The papers sent in Pdf format will not be accepted and .docx format will be asked for.
• Full text (including bibliography) should have a maximum of 10 pages.
• The paper heading should be written with 12 points, Times New Roman font, capital letters, center aligned.
• Title and name-surname of the author(s) should be mentioned in the right bottom of the article heading with Times New Roman font and 9 points. On the same page, in footnote section there should be contact information of the author. (workplace and e-mail address)
• Page layout should be; Left: 2 cm, Right: 2 cm, Top: 2 cm and Bottom: 2 cm. In the papers header/footer function of the Word programme and page numbering should not be used.
• Papers should be written with 11 points, “Times New Roman” font and single line spacing.
• In the paragraphs indent should be 1 cm, before and after the paragraphs 6 pt. spacing should be left. Between the paragraphs and before/after the headings there should be no spacing.
• Keywords of the paper should be written with single spacing, left aligned, 9 points and “Times New Roman” font and in maximum 5 words.
• Main heading and sub-headings should be decimally numbered like 1., 1.1., 1.1.1., 1.1.2., Main headings’ all letters should be capital whereas sub-headings should only start with capitals. Before and after headings there should be no spacing.
• Headings of table, shape, chart etc. drawings should be top-center aligned in the related drawing, where reference is to be given as 9 points and bottom-left aligned. Drawings should be arranged as fitting to page margins. Text and numbers within the tables and graphics should be written with “Times New Roman” font and 9 points. If necessary, smaller points may be used in tables.
• References should be made via conjunctions in the text. Explanation notes should be placed as footnote at the bottom of the page (with 9 points). References in the text should include surname of the author(s), year of the resource and page number. Et al abbreviation should be used in works written by more than 2 authors. I.e. (Koçel, 2007: 58). Footnote reference method should never be used.
• If the author of reference is ambiguous, institution of the website and access year should be written in parenthesis. I.e. (TÜİK, 2011: 5)
• If the reference to be made is taken from a website and author of reference is certain, reference is made similar to how it is made in periodicals. If date is not specified for the resource downloaded from internet, date of access to related file is used as year of resource.
• Any resource used within the research should be mentioned in Bibliography chapter. Used resources should be alphabetically listed according to author surname regardless of their kinds (thesis, book, article, report etc.) Works of same author should be placed in Bibliography beginning from the most recent one. If multiple works of an author, that are published within the same year, are used the works should be indicated with letters (a, b, c) next to them. I.e. Eryılmaz (1998a), Eryılmaz (1998b)
• Below are given examples of how resources are shown in “Bibliography”.

• MUCUK, İ. (2013). Modern İşletmecilik, Türkmen Kitabevi, 18. Baskı, İstanbul.
• CHARNES, A., W.W. COOPER ve E. RHODES (1978). “Measuring the Efficiency of Decision Making Units”, European Journal of Operational Research, Volume: 2, s.429-444.
Internet Kaynakları
• EXLER,N.(2007). FIDUser’s Guide,, Access Date: 08.02.20013.